Creating Change: Campaigns

We offer you to develop world class campaigns which excite people and raise income.

A campaign knows the relevant audiences and their concerns. A campaign builds on uniqueness and repetition of claims, powerful messages and visuals – and works both with mobilization of emotions and people. A campaign always is led by positive solutions and based on ethical values.

A world class campaign

  • creates a powerful momentum for change, by touching the right leverage points – a snowball can be enough to kick off an avalanche
  • is a symphony where content, communication and fundraising are integrated
  • connects with traditional media, dances within social networks and brings people to action, on- and off-line
  • uses, if necessary, non violent actions and advocacy interventions
  • seeks to create impact by surprise through nimble interventions, vulnerable targets, unusual partners and striking solutions
  • and definitely makes you stronger as organization  – through more engaged people and a higher income

We can offer you a comprehensive, integrated package for your international and national campaigns:

  • Learn from excellence: Capitalize on the brilliance of campaigning organizations such as Greenpeace
  • Build campaign strategies, creative tactics and supporter engagement plans
  • Develop a FR package with a comprehensive supporter journey and high value interventions
  • Set up a nimble campaign structure and provide training and coaching to your campaign team
  • Successfully roll out the campaign, start mobilization and FR and establish a regular review cycle
  • Support through internal change management
  • Learn for the next time through a proper evaluation.



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