Our Products

We provide strategic advice, campaigning and organizational support across a wide range of different environmental and social issues. We have been working in the area of environmentalism and NGO-management for more than 20 years. We contributed to organizations such as Greenpeace International, Greenpeace CEE, WWF Austria, Four Paws International.

Our mission is to support you in creating change for the benefit of future generations and of all life on earth.

Our aim is to empower positive forces in the sector of civic society, green business and politics to make positive change happen in the areas of environment, health, and social welfare.

We provide:

–   Creating change: Campaigning. Strategic and practical support for campaign and project development and implementation.

Package 1: A comprehensive, integrated package for your international and national campaigns

–    Supporting positive change: Solving problems. Sharing of expertise, systemic interventions, unusual and creative solutions.

Package 2: Crisis prevention and intervention in change situations

Package 3: Crisis communication when organizational reputation or integrity is at stake

–    Empowering change: Activating potential. Capacity building, mentoring, training, evaluations – strategic and practical advice to non-governmental organisations, governments, green business for the purpose of accelerating positive change.

Package 4: Develop a market – build up an organization from scratch towards self-sufficiency

Package 5: You are already established – but want to grow up to your potential

Package 6: Get the best out of your high- potential teams and people – with facilitation and peer-to peer mentoring

–    Photography and content: Driving change with emotional images and stories. Images and factual substance to support change campaigns and green business.

Package 7: Provision of stock and commissioned photography

Package 8: Production of audience centered content to strengthen your public campaign rollout

Bernhard Drumel

Matthias Schickhofer