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We assist you in fixing problems and maneuvering through crisis situations.

“Crisis is a productive state. Simply remove the after- taste of catastrophe.” (Max Frisch, Swiss author).

Change hurts, as we know. These situations can be perceived as unbearable, especially when your people do not support this change. Very often leaders tend to act before they understand. Because in many cases, crises just indicate the transition from one development state to the next one – and are necessary to create the change you want.

Sometimes we face the opposite: The organization lies in agony and people require change – but the leaders are not willing or capable to move.

In both cases, a leadership crisis is the logical consequence.

A second type of crises are unexpected and uncontrollable situations, mostly created by external events which pose serious threat to organizational reputation and integrity.

In these cases immediate and urgent response is required. A well-prepared team with a clear focus will have to deal with a highly charged and emotional situation.

Here timing is critical. Leaders have to take responsibility – or they will be challenged.

We can offer you two packages for both types of crises:

Package 1: Crisis prevention and intervention in change situations:

  • Crisis prevention through proper scenario planning and training
  • Crisis assessment which helps to find out the real root causes of crises (they often appear in disguise) and offers recommendations how to respond
  • Crisis intervention – mostly through coaching of leaders or facilitation of teams, if required also through direct measures
  • Crisis evaluation and lessons learned for the next time

Package 2: Crisis communication when organizational reputation or integrity is at stake:

  • Training of your leaders (or a crisis management team) to prepare them for the case
  • Advise in crises situations
  • If required: Take the lead in crisis communication