After decades of intensive experience in international organisations such as Greenpeace, Matthias Schickhofer has supported the following initiatives and organisations and worked with the following clients (more or less chronological list, recently -> past):

Communication consulting for NGO Fern regarding the implementation of the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR).

Strategic and expertise-related consultancy to the Comun Foundation in connection with the projects “Waldstoff”, “Konsumdialoge Wald und Holz”, „Lieferketten-Atlas“ und Hochmoor Schrems. Photography  works.

EuroNatur Foundation and AgentGreen: Campaign partnership to protect Romania’s primary and old-growth forests from liquidation through (legal and illegal) aggressive logging. Development and maintaining the international campaign platform  Strategic advice, project coordination. Content creation and photography documentation.

Comms and strategy support for NGO coalition “Forest Biomass out of RED” and PFPI – to protect Europe’s forests and their essential ecosystem functions (carbon capture / sink, biodiversity, water storage, landscape cooling  etc.) from aggressive exploitation and climate destructive incineration in power plants. Provision of photography.

Advising Martin Häusling MEP on the issue of protection of natural forests in the EU and participation in the Forest Congresses 2022 and 2023 (Bad Zwesten / DE).

Project coordination and consultancy (projects led by Hochschule für Forstwirtschaft Rottenburg, financed by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, Heidehofstiftung) for the protection of primary / old growth forests in Romania with high scientific value (mapping, ground truthing, documentations) and for the development of nature tourism for the valorization of primary / old growth forests areas without harming nature through timber exploitation: Provision of photography (primary forests in Romania), primary forest ground truthing, location scouting and expertise (tourism).

Support for efforts to improve protection of natural forests, Natura 2000 implementation and close to nature forest management in Austria (cooperation with Naturschutzbund Niederösterreich, Goal Keepers, Global 2000). Provision of photography of natural forests in Austria / Lower Austria.

Expert accompaniment of photographic and natural history hikes with school classes (World Heritage partner schools) in cooperation with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre Wachau-Dunkelsteinerwald in the Wachau. Consultancy in relation to the identification of natural forests and tourist/educational knowledge transfer on natural gems in the Wachau.

Provision of photography / commissioned (nature) photography (among others): EuroNatur Stiftung, Osttirol Tourismus, Red Bull Media, GEO Austria, Stiftung Comun, Waldviertel Tourismus, Nationalpark Gesäuse / Fotoführer, PFPI, Global 2000, Die Zeit, Freizeit Kurier, European Greens / EFA, Concordia Sozialprojekte, WWF Austria, Bärentrail / Waldsoft, Österreichische Bundesforste / ÖBF, Vier Pfoten, Pfotenhilfe Lochen, Kronen Zeitung, Internationazionale, Nabu / Projekt Speicherwald, MDR, Biorama, Greenpeace Romania, Joanneum, Esterhazy, profil, Universum Magazin…

Writing of journalistic articles and text (information and public relations; among others) for: Geo Austria, EuroNatur Stiftung, Osttirol Tourismus, Falstaff, Waldviertel Tourismus, Nationalpark Gesäuse, Bärentrail / Waldsoft, Österreichische Bundesforste / ÖBF, Vier Pfoten, Biorama, Datum, 33 Prozent Waldagazin, Universum Magazin …

Location scouting for the product advertising photography of the company Vossen in the Waldviertel region.

Contribution to the Alpine Conference of FREDA / Green European Federation (presentation; 2022).

Cooperation with EuroParc federation regarding the annual congress in Austria (keynote speech, 2022).

WWF Germany: Support for an EU LIFE submission to support the implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030.

Tourism Board of Osttirol (Austria): Route scouting, development of concept, PR  / communication support, photography, brand development etc. for creation of “Iseltrail” long distance hiking trail linking city of Lienz with Nationalpark Hohe Tauern.

Tourism Board of Waldviertel Region (Austria): Location scouting, documentation, photography, concept development for the “Naturerlebnis Waldviertel” project to promote nature tourism in the entire region.

Naturschutzbund (NÖ): Strategic advice in conjunction with conservation projects, comms support, moderation of events.

Nationalpark Gesäuse (photography school): Photography walks in the national park, advice / participation in photography symposium (2023).

Naturschauspiel Oberösterreich / Martha Rieß: Photography walks into the alpine wilderness.

Österreichische Bundesforste: Provision of photography of natural forests, text writing for a booklet (“Magical Forests“).

WWF Austria: Campaign trainings, strategic advice, project support (river conservation / restoration in Lower Austria and Styria), photo documentations (Alpine Wilderness, Rivers).

GLOBAL 2000 / Friends of the Earth Austria: Strategy consultancy, team development, meeting facilitations. Campaigning lectures for volunteers (UKP).

Club of Rome: Facilitation and strategy advice (campaign project).

IREX Europe: Communications workshop for NGOs in Minsk / Belarus.

Grupa Zagranica / Poland: NGO campaign / comms training.

Sloga Platform / Slovenia: NGO campaign / comms trainings.

Licht für die Welt / Austria: Workshop “NGO photography”.

BÄRENWALD Arbesbach: Concept creation, project support, content / images production for multi-day trail-project “Bärentrail“. Consultancy and stratgey support to foster sustainable  development of the (remote) region of the bear sanctuary.

FOUR PAWS International: Campaign and project development, campaign and media training, programme planning process, operational support (re. campaigns, animal welfare projects, media work), departmental development, project development (“Friendly Food”). (2008 -)

FOUR PAWS International: External lead for the organisational vision and strategy process. (2012 -)

FOUR PAWS International: PR-support for Competence Centre Apes (orang utan project in Borneo); participation at a scouting expedition into Borneo’s rainforest in search for a suitable area to establish a new release camp for orang utans (location and nature photography, media documentation, media follow up). (Nov./Dec. 2012 and April 2016).

Greenpeace CEE: Strategy advice for campaigns (Poland).

GEDIFO (gesellschaftspolitisches Diskussionsforum – AK, Gewerkschaften, innerbetriebliche Interessensvertretungen – Austria): Campaign and social media trainings for different communities of practise (Dec. 2012).

“Europe for Tibet” rally with HH the 14. Dalai Lama (Vienna 26th, 2012): Public relations support for the rally  in Vienna – and the Tibetan’s cause (2012). “Flame of Truth” for Tibet – rally in Vienna in October 2012: PR and organizing support.

Fundraising Verband Austria“: Campaign and PR-support (media releases). Strategy development and media work. NGO-photography workshop.

Erwin Wagenhofer, Austrian independent filmmaker (“We feed the world”, “Lets make Money”): Public relations support for the new film project “Alphabet” (2012).

Red Noses International: Support in building up an international strategy, coaching of the international Board and strengthening the international team

Volksbegehren Bildungsinitiative (Citizens Inititiave Campaign on education in Austria): Strategic and operational support re. campapigning, mobilisation and media communication. We were in charge of developing initiatives strengthening links to key audiences such as teachers, pupils, universities, students, mothers… Together with the core team we created an ironic street and online guerilla figure (“Neandertaler” – stone age man) aiming to raise attention (social media, tabloid media), providing unexpected stories and images and to gain sympathy of young and non-expert audiences. We gave support in media work and framing the campaign’s plot. The campaign resulted in a high number of signatures (biggest public support re. education issues in Austria ever), boosted media coverage on failures of the education system in Austria  and entered the Austrian Parliament for an extensive debate (2011 – 2012).

Strategy, campaigning and media-support for “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Globale Verantwortung“: We supported a coalition of Austrian development and humanitarian aid organisations in their efforts to prevent further cuts to the official development aid (ODA) funds  and to convince the Austrian government to meet their international ODA commitments (0,7 percent of GDP). Development of an integrated plan for a mid term campaign (online mobilisation, coalition building, media). (2011) Event photography (campaign launch in September 2012) and strategic communication advice (May 2012).

Interessensvertretung der österreichischen gemeinnützigen Vereine (IÖGV; in November 2012 rebranded: Interessensvertretung gemeinütziger Organisationen – IGO)  – umbrella organisation for leading civil society groups in Austria): Strategy development, media and PR-Support, input to annual planning process (2011). Report about the success balance and future perspectives of Austria’s civic society (July – October 2012). Organizing an press event, media work (November 2012).

OSGS – Österreichisches Spendengütesiegel (Donation seal of quality for Austrian non profit organisations): Revamping the website (content), strategy support, operational media work, content writing (folder). (2011 -)

Verkehrsclub Österreich – VCÖ: Campaign advice regarding online campaigning and support for annual planning process (2011).

Greenpeace Mediterrenean: Campaign and comms training. (2010)

WWF, GLOBAL 2000, Greenpeace CEE: Media work and project co-ordination regarding tax deductibility for environmental causes in Austria. (2009)

Grüne Wirtschaft (Green entrepreneurs faction in Austria’s chamber of economy): Campaign advice for the election campaign (2009 – 2010).

Greenpeace Germany: Development and operational (comms) support for the “Solarchill” project (first ever solar powered and F-gases free vaccination fridge). Strategy and development support for Greenpeace Germany’s Comms department. (2008-2009)

Greenpeace International: Communications management and campaign co-ordination (Sustainable Agriculture and Genetic Engineering Campaign, Toxics Campaign). (2007 – 2008)