Driving Change: Emotional images and stories

High-quality communication and visuals strenghten your messaging.

We all are strongly led by emotions, visual perceptions and attributions.

Moods in social groups and society are decisive for achieving social change. Thus media relies on stories (based on facts and human action) and images.

We can support you in creating change by excellent visuals and content:

– High quality reportage and nature photography (stock and commissioned photography for media use)
– Journalistic writing (books, articles)
– PR text (folders, flyers, web content…)

A sample of stock photography can be viewed here:
Schickhofer Photography
ASABLANCA photo agency

Matthias Schickhofer builds on a yearlong experience as senior communication professional with Greenpeace. He wrote numerous articles for magazines such as the “Datum”, “Biorama”, “Universum Magazin” as well as countless press releases and campaign text. He published the books with Vienna based Brandstätter Verlag: “Unser Urwald” and “Schwarzbuch Alpen”.

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