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Creating Change: Campaigns

campaigninternational.org provides you with best practice campaign training Additionally, we offer you to develop world class campaigns which excite people and raise income. A campaign knows the relevant audiences and their concerns. A campaign builds on uniqueness and repetition of claims, powerful messages and visuals – and works both with mobilization of emotions and people. […]

Challenges for Change: Problems and Crises

We assist you in fixing problems and maneuvering through crisis situations. “Crisis is a productive state. Simply remove the after- taste of catastrophe.” (Max Frisch, Swiss author). Change hurts, as we know. These situations can be perceived as unbearable, especially when your people do not support this change. Very often leaders tend to act before they […]

Empowering Change: Living Strategy

Today’s world is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

Driving Change: Emotional images and stories

Matthias Schickhofer provides high quality images and content.