About Bernhard Drumel

20 years in the environmental field (WWF Austria Conservation Director, Greenpeace Central Eastern Europe Executive Director, Greenpeace Global Fundraising and Development Director), allowed me to give my modest contribution to a better world.

As problems like climate justice, economic justice or civil rights have become more and more interlinked and global, I have engaged in an international network of organizations, which reaches from children and humanitarian rights to the shrinking of democratic space.

Public campaigning has been always in the core of my heart. I have been privileged with Greenpeace to join one of the most effective Campaigning organizations in the world and learned from best practices from Argentina to China, from India to Europe or the US.

I helped to initiate and connect excellence centers for mobilization and introduced them to other parts of the organization. And I can offer knowledge of FR tools and techniques, from Direct Dialogue to Major Donor work or on-line conversion, from un-earmarked to committed giving.

Activating the potential of people, teams and organizations is my second passion and experience.  In the last 10 years I have set up Greenpeace in new markets like Eastern Europe or Africa. And I could support our offices all over the world in their sustainable growth and, at least sometimes, in leapfrogging their development and outreach.

In doing so, I was constantly looking out for High Potentials and strongly enjoyed mentoring them (and, by the way, learned from them). No matter how strong an organization might be, it will be always excellent people who make the difference.

Then there are crises sometimes. I have learned to accept them as companions of change and helped leaders to reduce the ugly taste of a catastrophe.

As a volunteer, I am advisor to the Executive Board of Greenpeace India.

If you are interested in my current consultancy profile (Triangle of Trust),  please visit my new website www.drumel.org